Give yourself a PAUSE – #1 in the series “Pausing with Purpose”

Take Five – 5 simple ways to build PAUSE into your daily life. Why it matters.


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Pause:                                                                                                                                                 A temporary stop in action or speech – Pausa – ポーズ  – يقاف مؤقت  – Pausieren


“What are you gonna do next?” You hear this question around every corner today, and will keep hearing it in the future. It can zap your energy or your confidence whether you’re 19 or 69.

Often it means that you need to make a decision. And choice can create confusion regardless of your age—especially when there’s too much “noise” surrounding your options.

A 19-year-old is faced with the “What next?” question in a university setting as she shapes her identity by confirming her values around right and wrong at a time when peer pressure invades her thinking. A 69-year-old can feel like the world is in the rearview mirror as he struggles to make sense of the wisdom, ongoing curiosity, and love of learning that he wants to keep using and sharing.

In both instances, the pressure we feel and the fear that everyone around us is judging our next moves can be daunting. Taking a PAUSE can help you step out of the noise and let clarity and purpose come to the surface. It’s a way to refresh and reboot your mental operating system so you can keep moving forward and stay connected to the world around you.

Do you need to build PAUSE into your daily life? If you can answer “Yes” to one or more of these questions, my simple message is for you:

  • Is your head spinning and full of mental chatter?
  • Is frustration, anger, or fear dominating your life?
  • Do you wake up feeling dread rather than energized to engage in your life as it is structured today?
  • Do you find yourself in the midst of undesirable surroundings due to poor decisions you have made?
  • Do you have a feeling of uneasiness and anxiety about who you are and the decisions you are facing?
  • Do you struggle with connecting with others in a meaningful way?
  • Does your purpose feel foreign to you; making you feel like you’re just trying to get through each day?

Taking a purposeful pause is a way of giving your mind, body, and spirit a rest, a chance to reboot, purge and reenergize. A pause produces clarity, precision, and purpose. Think of a symphony… the conductor uses a pause to emphasize what follows. It allows the listener (or the thinker) to create space to truly grasp and appreciate “what comes next.”

It is not easy and often a little scary to pause, to step back and reflect rather than to constantly be on the go, go, go. We’ve become human-doings instead of human beings in order to escape and ignore the present.

And the present shapes the future. Are you choosing to live life by responding to it, rather than initiating and creating options to build positive emotions? By taking a pause to evaluate your current circumstances, you will be able to identify daily practices promoting a meaningful purpose and nurturing positive energy. Are you a human doing, always on the go, or a human being, honoring the power of the pause and saluting the positive impact it can have on the many facets of your life?

Join me here for 3 more parts to this series where I share the many reasons pause is a key ingredient to good mental health and happiness. You’ll discover simple ways to build purposeful pause it into your daily routine.

Ah, did I say routine? One of the key reasons to create space for a pause is so you can break your daily habits and routines and make way for new positive action. I’ll talk more about this in detail in my upcoming posts.

Daily Practice In Action.

Take the first step and begin to “practice the pause” in your daily conversations or presentations. When you want something to be remembered or emphasized, , insert a 5-second pause before saying it to allow the listener to anticipate what’s coming next. Then deliver the message that you want to have an impact. Do what the best symphony conductors do before delivering their best music – take a pause.


Until next time,

Bos Leadership



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