Self Made Heroes – Conflict & Learning Conversations

Leadership reflections on peace, dialogue, resolution after LeadersQuest to Israel and West Bank, 2015

Transforming difficult conversations to learning dialogues took on a whole new meaning for me after 10 days meeting with leaders and influencers, peace keepers – men and women – in Israel and Palestine as part of a LeadersQuest.  When emotions run high – an inevitable ingredient of difficult conversations – one must take  a deliberate decision not to blame, to withhold judgement, and to hear the “Other Side” of the story with an open heart and mind.  It’s about exploring how both sides jointly contributed to where things stand today and having the heart of a lion and soul of an angel to discover solutions together through dialogue.  It’s about common humanity – compassion for self and others. Oh, and make sure the sides are sitting on the same side of the table to nurture a context around connecting.

Be aware of the excuses we hold firmly as to why it won’t work.  “It’s complicated” is often one of the main excuses.  That’s no excuse.  I share my thoughts on this below.



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